11. Kissimmee downtown

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Historic Kissimmee, Florida was founded in 1883 as a hub for the South Florida Railway. Cattle and Citrus we the main industries until 1894 and 1895 when terrible freezes wiped out the citrus industry. Cattle ranching was the economy until 1971 when Walt Disney came to town. Since that year, cattle ranching has been declining and the service industry has risen to take its place. Currently, there are over 60,000 residents of Kissimmee. Historic downtown has been under construction the past few years rebuilding the roads and buildings with the century old look of the past. Kissimmee is a great town with community events for its residence at the historic lakefront park. Resident Team Realty L.L.C. is from these parts, and we can help with any questions or advise where the best places you should look to purchase your next home. If your just looking to visit, we will give the southern hospitality that will make y'all come back real soon.